What is EcoTeams Pantry?

Do you want more varied meals? More local, seasonal ingredients on your plate? Less packaging and food waste? This is what EcoTeams Pantry offers you. Just join one of our groups – good atmosphere and supportive community guaranteed. Read on and find out what an EcoTeams Pantry self-learning group looks like!

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Association of Conscious Consumers introduced the international EcoTeams program in Hungary in 2010. The first EcoTeam groups were designed for the entire household, then the EcoTeams Pantry focusing on the kitchen were launched, and in 2019 the Clean Home EcoTeams helping to reduce the use of household chemicals . Since 2010, more than 2,000 participants from dozens of settlements have been involved in household greening.

Who can participate in the EcoTeams Pantry?

In practice, EcoTeam means a small working group, a “study circle”.

Anyone who is open to change, wants to eat and shop more healthily and sustainably can participate in the EcoTeams Pantry. Who likes to learn from others and agrees to share his successes and failures with the rest of the group. Anyone can participate in the EcoTeams Pantry study group who believes that it is easier to develop together in small steps. We focus on solutions and motivating each other, instead of failures and pulling others down.

Is this an expert-led course? 

In short, the answer is no. An EcoTeam is a self-training or learning circle, where the participants learn from each other, without anyone telling the perfect solution.

In each group the process is supported by a leader and a workbook. However, their task is more to guide and inspire, rather than to provide professional advice or ready answers.

The  10 principles of ÖkoKör reflect the attitude that has made this program so successful for more than 10 years.

How long does an EcoTeams Pantry group last and what happens in it?

EcoTeams Pantry covers 4 areas of green cooking:

  • food & health
  • food & waste
  • food & climate
  • food & community

An EcoTeams Pantry study group lasts for 6 weeks.

As a kind of recipe collection, our workbook provides ideas and tips. The group leader coordinates the meetings, facilitates the exchange of ideas and good ractices, maintains group spirit.

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How often and where we meet? How long doest it take?

EcoTeams Pantry meetings tipically last 2-2,5 hours, depending on how immersed you are in the topic. The group members discuss this with each other in advance. The choice of meeting place also depends on you: you can meet at someone’s home or in a rotation system always at someone else’s, in a cozy café, community place or yoga studio.

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You can download the workbook from here.

Who can join a group?

Anyone – friends, neighbours, colleagues.

Please, contact us, if you’re interested! We’re going to connect you with people in your area who are similarly interested.

Who can organize a group?

Anyone, you! In addition, of course, we collect individual applicants and try to mediate between you.

How can I register and organize a group?

On the website of the Association of Conscious Consumers you can check here when the next group leader training will take place and when new EcoTeams groups start.

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It doesn’t fit in my schedule right now, but I’m interested. What to do?

If you don’t have time for this now, but you would like to try EcoTeams in the future, contact us here and we will notify you as soon as new groups start or we organize group leader training.

Where does EcoTeams come from?

EcoTeams program was developed by the international NGO Global Action Plan International (GAP) and has been coordinated worldwide since 1990. It has already been implemented in more than twenty countries, from Scandinavian countries to the United States or Vietnam. It has moved millions of people and set them on the path of change.

We took EcoTeams also to South Korea in 2019, when we held group leader trainings in Soul at the request of the Korean consumer protection and environmental protection organization Green Consumer Network.

oof, eco circleThis programme was created and maintained with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Association of Conscious Consumers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union‘

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