V4 for fairtrade



V4 Cooperation for moving forward fair trade as a socially innovative economic model (21810223)

The project aims to contribute to the spread of Fair Trade (FT), as an innovative business practice among SMEs and to stimulate their market. Currently the willingness to pay for fairtrade (CZ: 34, SK: 29, HU-PL: 25 % of citizens, Eurobarometer 441) is higher than the recognition of the products (CZ: 21, SK: 20, HU: 10, PL: 11; Eurobarometer 440). Thus awareness raising, social marketing is necessary to stimulate further demand. On the other hand local supply is low. The number of certified businesses: CZ: 13, PL: 19, SK: 6, HU: 1. Partners will exchange experience and cooperate to improve both the supply and demand side of FT, to seize market opportunities in the V4 region.

Partners: Fairtrade Česko a Slovensko (CZ), Fundacja „Koalicja Sprawiedliwego Handlu” – Fairtrade Polska (PL), Nadácia Integra (SK), Tudatos Vásárlók Egyesülete (HU).

This website will provide updates on project events, outputs and outcomes.

Cseh-szlovák-lengyel-magyar Fairtrade együttműködést indítunk

Neziskové organizace ze zemí Visegrádské čtyřky budou spolupracovat na podpoře konceptu Fairtrade

Neziskové organizácie z krajín Višegrádskej štvorky budú spolupracovať na podpore konceptu Fairtrade


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