Our main services and major initiatives

We would be happy to work with you to hold trainings, give presentations, conduct research, or engage in other activities related to our work. If you or someone you know might be interested in ordering any of our services, please contact us at: tve [@] tve.hu


Community Learning Through Personal Experiences

We strive to create supportive communities for people trying to live  an environmentally conscious life. Strong communities bring people together to support and learn from one another, helping them reach individual and group goals that protect the environment.  People participating in the EcoTeam and our online Ecofitness game learn useful ideas, practical advice, and have a good time.  Building communities is an essential part of our work to empower individuals to change their behaviours.


Online Magazine

Since 2003, TudatosVasarlo.hu has brought its readers daily news about  environmental issues and ethical consumption. On our site you can find practical information on living an eco-friendly lifestyle, investigative articles, and advice on consumers’ rights. You can also find consumers campaigns to join that explore various issues, such as  advertising to children or genetically modified food. The site offers information on books, programmes, and links related to our field of work. Until 2012, we also had a print version of our magazine; it can now be read online here.



Our tests have become one of the most popular columns on tudatosvasarlo.hu. The tests compare the environmental impact, the functionality, health concerns, and the consumer protection aspects of different products. We explain the results in detail so that everybody can learn what to check for when shopping for or using products. Products are evaluated in different way: some products are evaluated by our readers, some are examined by accredited laboratories, and others we rate by looking at the ingredients.


Supporting Community Agriculture

We have studied and gathered informationon  the best practice, Hungarian and foreign, for local food supply chains. Through counselling and building networks, we have helped spread  the best practices for local food supply chains, like community supported agriculture (CSAs) or shoppers communities, to help small local communities, empower small farms, and contribute to rural communities’ development.


Where to Find Good Products and Services

We devoted a separate website to the Green Map, a place to find everything necessary to live a green lifestyle and consume sustainably. It is an interactive map developed by users;  anyone can add their favourite organic shop, repair shop or walking path, complete with tips or advice, to the database.

Our good product database is also developed in cooperation with our supporters. In this we compile which products  are the best to choose when shopping. With the e-number database, we can avoid food, cosmetics, or household  products that are harmful to our health or the environment. Additionally, there is a list of the seasonal fruits and vegetables for each month. Eating according to this will help you  support local farmers, decrease your food miles, and provide better nutrition.


Advisory Campaigns and Research Activities

We are asked to do research and produce scientific publications in the field of sustainable consumption, on consumer protection, Sometimes we do research on our own initiative. We regularly give strategic and  legislative advice related to these topics. Dissemination of our findings via publications, articles, and press releases is, naturally, part of our research process. Our projects endeavour to turn   the knowledge we compile into practical action. Our research, including full articles and reports, can be downloaded from here after registering. You can also find more information on our 2010 consumers protection campaign and our CSR symposium.


Education and Services for Schools and NGOs.

We have published different teaching materials on topics like sustainable,  ethical consumption and consumer protection. We are regularly invited to give lectures at high schools and universities.  Other environmental NGOs also frequently rely on us for lectures or our expertise. 



We have several publications and various teaching materials on sustainable and ethical consumption; you can read or download them here, and some print versions are also available for purchase.


Promotion at Special Events

We organise events to promote conscious, local, and responsible shopping, such as the Local Product Fairs at Pécs, Veszprém, and Nyíregyháza. Besides these, we also regularly attend popular, large scale events. Each year we take part in organising the Buy Nothing! Day to draw attention to the impact of consumerism.


International Activities

Our association has represented Hungary and local NGOs at several international conferences and in various networks. Through these activities we have learned a lot of new information about  sustainability and consumer protection, which we have been able to bring back and use in Hungary.

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