Past successes

Since 2002 we have been informing consumers about the environmental and social consequences of their decisions. We present alternative products that have real value and are not just marketing tools. Our goal is to help more people to learn about sustainable lifestyles, make ethical, eco-friendly lifestyles choices and consume in an ecologically, socially sustainable manner.

Products that are made locally, use fewer chemicals and have less packaging ensure that our lives will be healthier and our environment will be less polluted. In many cases we will also end up spending less.

Our purchases affect other people’s lives and our environment. We have to recognize that we vote with our money.

If we avoid products that are unnecessary, wasteful, made in unhealthy working environment and tested on or torture animals, then we will all live in a better, more ethical and sustainable world.This is our key message and what we have been working on for more than 10 years.


Since our founding we have:

  • organised 218 trainings
  • tested 34 groups of products
  • evaluated 134 companies
  • completed 14 research projects
  • produced 20 publications
  • participated and provided information at 30 events
  • answered 930 questions
  • mapped environmentally important places in 8 cities
  • made 3032 statements on TV and radio
  • launched 600 small local community groups, so-called EcoTeams
  • created the 12 points that summarise the essence of conscious consuming


If you wish to get a better insight into our work, please look here at our photo album. Join us if you like what you see!


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