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If you

  • are committed to living a responsible lifestyle believe in promoting conscious consumptionthink that it is important to have a successful and experienced NGO in Hungary that serves this mission
  • would like to be a member of the conscious consumers community and meet people with similar mindsets.

Becoming a supporting member of our association is a great way to contribute to our success if you don’t have the time to help. The 3000 HUF annual membership fee allows you to receive our answers to your questions related to consumers protection and environmentally friendly, ethical consumption. Supporting members also get a discount on our publications.

Please help us maintain our financial independence by sponsoring the testing of a new kind of product line or the writing an article. Offer 1% of you personal income tax to ACC; small contributions can add up fast. Buy or download our products or publications.

Volunteer with us: find one of our many projects that interests you and come learn, develop new skills, and have fun as we together work to make the world a better place.

Launch an EcoTeam: we will help you form a small, eco-friendly community. This program brings 5-12 people together to meet each week for 2-3 months to share their knowledge and different tips for saving the environment; the rest comes naturally. Try out our online Ecofitness game. Sign up, find some eco-challenges, invite your friends, and see how to improve your quality of life and the environment. Though currently only available in Hungarian, we encourage you to join and practice your Hungarian.

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