How we do our work

We use reliable sources
We base our statements and messages on research and facts from credible and verifiable sources of information.

We are financially independent
We have never  received or accepted any kind of support from companies or businesses. We rely on revenue from public grant proposals, membership fees, selling publications, giving lectures and organizing events.

We walk the talk
We apply the principles of sustainability and sustainable, ethical consumption to our organization and throughout its operations.

We are committed
For those working at the association, the issue of sustainable consumption is also important personally. Therefore, our personal commitment to the cause and our jobs drives us to do our very best; our dedication compels us to keep working to make the world a better place.

We see our partners as equals
In our work we strive to serve all people equally and treat them with the respect they deserve as human beings. We make sure that our services and achievements include disadvantaged groups, women and men, the rich and poor, and elderly and young. As an employer, we are offering a family friendly, flexible workplace.

We are creative
We continually strive to create and realize new projects while   making sure our other activities remain up to date,  relevant and interesting. In this regard, the exchange of inspiring ideas and good communication are vital parts of our work. It is our intellectual development, both as a group and personally, that allows us to inspire one another, improve on our work and be creative.


We are open to the world
We are flexible and able to adjust to continuously changing internal and external conditions, adapting and improving ourselves while continuing to create.


We are critical
We are not utopians nor blind to the realities of the world. We are open to other opinions and believe that there are multiple good solutions to any given problem. We critically examine ourselves, our operations, beliefs and assumptions, individually and as an organization, so that we can find the best possible solutions.

We are democratic
We make decisions based on consensus with the participation of all our colleagues. We are open to debate and discussion the appropriate experts. We regularly evaluate our activities and performance so that we may improve them.


We are cooperative
We make an effort to cooperate with other people and organizations because we can achieve more through cooperation and collaboration than by working alone. Our colleagues, volunteers and supporters help each other by sharing their knowledge and experience.


Photo [cc] Balázs Mitter www.luminoso.hu

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