Green & Safe LIFE-styles

The Green & Safe LIFE-Styles is the project of the Association of Conscious Consumers in Hungary, started in 2018. The focus of the project is the sustainable and green use of household chemicals, among others cleaning, washing, and products, wall paints etc.

Between 2018 and 2023 the Association of Conscious Consumers (ACC) will help consumer to use household chemicals more sustainable and safe with the following programs:

Background researches

For the successful delivery of the following actions, the ACC made background researches about the attitudes towards household chemicals, the awareness of the EcoLabel and safety labels, the market penetration of green household chemicals. The English summary of the background researches is available on request. Please contact us at tve@tve.hu

Product database and phone application

The database covers the 10 most typical household cleaning product categories, it provides information about the sustainability and safety features of products. The database will be accessible on the www.tudatosvasarlo.hu and via smart phone applications. On the www.tudatosvasarlo.hu the ACC publishes contents about the safe and sustainable use of the covered product groups.

Product tests

10 comparative laboratory test will be published during the project on the www.tudatosvasarlo.hu and on the tesztek.tudatosvasarlo.hu. The English summary of product tests is accessible from the bottom of this site.


The EcoTeams is a community based behaviour change program originally developed by the Global Action Plan International. In their original forms EcoTeams are groups of 5-10 people who meet regularly to provide peer support to change for sustainable lifestyles. In the Green & Safe LIFE-styles project the ACC elaborates the altered version of the EcoTeams, called EcoTeams Lab.

The ACC applies the EcoTeam methodology to the EcoTeam Labs, what is a household chemicals focused EcoTeams. The EcoTeam Labs will apply the same approach, structure and methodology as the EcoTeams or EcoTeams Pantry.

The English version of EcoTeam Lab workbook is available at the bottom of this page. The first results of the EcoTeams impact measurement are available there.


Everyone should be aware of the sustainable and safe use chemilcals, therefore the ACC runs campaigns on its Facebook,  Instagram,  and in newsletters. Follow us!

Content on the www.tudatosvasarlo.hu

The ACC continuously publishes content on the topic on its consumer magazine. Most of the contents are available in Hungarian only, but some parts will be accessible in English from 2020.

For a visual summary of the project, please klick at the bottom of the page and see our poster presented at the LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals (November 2019, Vilnius).

The Green&Safe LIFE-styles is supported by the European Union LIFE program and co-funded by the Hungrian Ministry of Agriculture. Project ID:  ENV GIE HU000622 Green & Safe LIFE-styles. Total budget: 1 160 223 €, EU contribution: 696 133 €, the EU contribution is 60% of the eligible costs.