Conscious Consumer Market Report

The Conscious Consumer Market Report quantifies the value of the decisions consumers make day by day in Hungary, through which they vote for a more sustainable, just and fair world.

Size of the ethical consumption market

The report shows the total of three years of consumption data: 2014-2016. We endeavoured to include in our assessment every consumer decision that decreases the ecological footprint of our lifestyle or that contributes to social sustainability, independently of the intention behind any such decision. Between 2014 and 2016 the value of conscious consumer decisions was of 3354 million euros in Hungary. This included 1198 million euros for food, 763 million euros for household maintenance, 1 114 million euros for transport and leisure, and 279 million euros for ethical finances. On top of this, the estimated value of boycotts in the previous 12 months before April 2017 was about 430 million euros – 17% of the adult population, more than 1.2 million people, boycotted products and services for ethical reasons.


Promising trends

The report shows that more and more consumers choose sustainable, responsible solutions – the amount of money spent on sustainable consumption is growing dynamically in almost every segment. We hope that these numbers and trends will encourage businesses to integrate sustainability and corporate responsibility into their core activities, and help the relentless efforts of civil society organisations and researchers working for sustainability.


Partners behind the report

The report is the result of the cooperation of three organisations: the Association of Conscious Consumers (ACC), actively working for sustainable, ethical consumption since 2002, the first value oriented bank of Hungary, MagNet Bank, and the market research company GfK.


Future plans

Our plan is to publish follow-up results annually to show that: “There is market segment of consumers, who already understand the detrimental impact of consumption on the Planet. These dedicated people are ready to invest into a sustainable future and to decrease their ecological footprint.”


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In Hungary, more than nine million people make consumer decisions every day or at least every week. This is an enormous force. If only a part – hopefully an ever-growing part – of these decisions was made in an ethically and environmentally conscious way, and if we used our money in a conscious manner when choosing products or services, we could have already taken significant steps on the path leading to sustainability and a better world.


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