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As cooler temperatures lead us to keep our doors and windows shut all day, toxic pollutants can get trapped inside. Heating cooking oils to their "smoke point" can be a source of unwanted air contaminants.

One way to avoid the problem is to choose your oils carefully and cook with oils that can handle high heat without smoking." A friend and mentor, Annie Berthold-Bond referred me to Spectrum Organics Kitchen Guide for more information about cooking oils. kitchen guide.pdf

There are oils that you should never heat, I learned. These typically have such intense flavors, they are best enjoyed by drizzling directly on to food. "High heat" (445-510F) oils include sunflower, sesame, canola (super high heat) and almond. Walnut, grapeseed and soy oils are considered "medium high heat" (360-425F) and corn, olive and peanut oils are best used at medium heat (280-350F). See the Spectrum guide for individual smoke point temperatures.

If you overheat cooking oil, do ventilate the kitchen as best as you can to remove the pollutants.

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